Gunter’s Sweet Lemon Ice

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SWEET LEMON ICE soap smells like fresh sweet lemons. It is inspired by references to Gunter’s Tea Shop in Georgette Heyer’s novels, which take place in Regency London in Jane Austen’s world. When I ran out of Jane Austen books to read, I read Georgette Heyer next! 

Jane Austen’s heroines usually stay tucked away in the country, but they do venture into London occasionally. The Dashwood sisters stay in London for several weeks in Sense and Sensibility. It is quite probable they visited Gunter’s Tea Shop and had one of their famous Ices!
You are a heroine in a Georgette Heyer novel. You’re down for the London Season and have just been presented at court. You went to Gunter’s with your maid yesterday and tried a delicious Lemon Ice. It was a wonderful distraction from your first Ball that was set for that evening. You were so nervous about it! 

Indeed, all went well–and your Mama said you were a *public triumph*. You are less certain of this, since there were so many other lovely young ladies in attendance. But there was one gentleman among your various dance partners that you found particularly pleasing. Perhaps he will call on you this morning.

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Handmade in small batches with gentle, moisturizing ingredients. It is made from saponified lard, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil, with fragrance oil, colorant, and sodium lactate. Net weight 4 oz (113 g).

All our soaps are elegantly wrapped in handmade lokta paper and boxed with care in historical Jane Austen style with a stamped wax seal, tissue paper, and muslin. (Learn more here.) They are perfect for gift giving and may also be shipped directly to the recipient with an optional hand-written gift message. Each soap is individually labeled and bundled with its origin story, similar to what you see here. See product photos for packaging examples.

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2 reviews for Gunter’s Sweet Lemon Ice

  1. Jeslyn Rumbold

    Beautiful, and I love the lemony scent – I love these soaps so much!! The best part is that I will use up every single one of them. Heavenly.

  2. Jen (verified owner)

    Such a lovely lemon scented soap with a thick rich lather. Very moisturizing.

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