mr darcy washing in the bath

Are you ready to enter Jane Austen’s world?

When gold and glitter run short in our hectic lives, Jane Austen saves us time and again with her beloved stories and characters that never cease to amuse. Northanger Soapworks creates one-of-a-kind products that lift you from the modern world and set you down at Pemberley, Barton Cottage, and Northanger Abbey. Close your bathroom door and be transported to your favorite setting in literature.

Our products are not just bookish retreats wrapped in gold paper–they are inspiring women all over the world. Recently featured in Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine, our brand has reached thousands.¬†One recent reviewer stated regarding our soap:

Smells wonderful and certainly brings alive that image of Mr. Darcy. Very gentle on the skin as well and I will certainly be buying again!”

As owner and soapmaker at Northanger Soapworks, I’m an unabashed Austen addict and have read all her works, watched every movie adaptation, read a dozen variations, and even written one of my own (a variant of Northanger Abbey of course)! My addiction began at age 10 when I saw my first ever Austen film, Northanger Abbey, and my world was changed forever. Northanger Abbey was published in 1817, shortly after Jane Austen’s death. 200 years later in 2017, I created Northanger Soapworks, borrowing from her novel’s title. In doing so, I hope to honor her memory.

Northanger Soapworks owner, Laura Hansen
Laura Hansen, owner and soapmaker

Head over and shop our bar soaps. This is where the magic happens. It is the canvas for our inspiration.

We are also passionate about lip balm and wax sachets. And of course, you can shop by book!

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