Laura and baby henry


I’m Laura Hansen, owner and soapmaker at Northanger Soapworks. (This is a recent photo of me and my youngest, who is named after Henry Tilney!)

I love Jane Austen; she completes me. I’m an unabashed Austen Addict and have read all her works, watched every movie adaptation, read a dozen variations, and even written one of my own (a variant of Northanger Abbey of course!) My addiction began at age 10 when I saw my first ever Austen film, Northanger Abbey, and my world was changed forever. Northanger Abbey was published in 1817, shortly after Jane Austen’s death. 200 years later in 2017, I started this business, Northanger Soapworks, borrowing from her novel’s title. In doing so, I hope to honor her memory.

My second love is cold process soapmaking. If you’ve never used handmade soap, you’re in for a treat as it is very gentle and moisturizing. I got into it for the chemistry and stayed for the fun. And what’s more fun than making Austen inspired soaps? Almost every soap I make is inspired by a person, scene, or setting from Jane Austen’s works and those related. We need a little Jane every day don’t we? I’ve been making soap since 2014!

I’m also a wife to my own Mr. Darcy and mother to three wonderful children.  And, of course, I love long walks. 😉

And for your own edification, here’s another Mr. Darcy in the bath. 🙂

mr darcy washing in the bath