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A lavender and tea tree facial bar, Face in the Fire is inspired by Austenland!

“Why Miss Charming, what beauteous skin you possess.”
“Oh really? That’s because late at night when I’m all alone, I put my face in the fire.”  ~Austenland (2013)

We are extremely fond of the 2013 film Austenland. So much so that we could not resist naming our facial bar after Miss Elizabeth Charming’s hilarious declaration–that to achieve her “beauteous” skin she puts her face in the fire!

This facial bar moisturizes and gently cleanses, perfect for average skin. Made with avocado oil and activated charcoal, Face in the Fire uses a special recipe designed for your face (though may be used on the body). It is ideal for average skin types. The lavender and tea tree scent will leave you with an herbal freshness.


Oily skin: If you have very oily skin on your face, you might try using our regular bar soap (any variety except this one) and see if that feels well on your face. If it leaves your face feeling a bit tight, switch to this bar for a gentler cleanse.

Dry skin: You may not wish to use soap on your face at all, and simply a splash of water will do. If you do want a little something, try this followed by your favorite facial cream. You may not even need the cream!

This has been tested by ladies of various skin types and we hope you enjoy it! Please take extra care to store this bar away from water and allow it to dry between uses.

Tea tree oil and activated charcoal may help to reduce acne and eczema, though we do not make any medical claims.

(If you’ve never seen Austenland, check out this Pin for a recap of the scene! Austenland (2013) is based on the book written by Shannon Hale. You can buy it here:)

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Handmade in small batches with gentle, moisturizing ingredients. It is made from a saponified blend of lard, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and castor oil, with tea tree and lavender essential oil, activated charcoal, and rosemary oleoresin. Net weight 4 oz (113 g).

All our soaps are elegantly wrapped in handmade lokta paper and boxed with care in historical Jane Austen style with a stamped wax seal, tissue paper, and muslin. (Learn more here.) They are perfect for gift giving and may also be shipped directly to the recipient with an optional hand-written gift message. Each soap is individually labeled and bundled with its origin story, similar to what you see here. See product photos for packaging examples.

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4 reviews for Face in the Fire / a facial bar

  1. Jordanna (verified owner)

    Smooth, cleansing facial bar. I rate myself as “sensitive” skin and have always sought out “natural” face soaps, so when I saw this one from Northanger Soapworks, I thought I would give it a go and support handmade in the process! I am so glad I did! I am very happy with the soap, no residue, smooth, non irritable, and leaves my skin moisturized and clean. I live in a dry climate.

  2. SueAnn Beer (verified owner)

    everything Jordanna said and more..if ever you wanted a “squeaky clean” feel to your face..without the drying of it…this is the facial bar for you..I got a 2nd one…to have on hand..I LOVE this bar…I have very dry skin, this does not dry it out..leaves a soft, clean finish…

  3. SueAnn Beer (verified owner)

    I was so happy to see this offered again..I had bought a few bars earlier, and have bought a few more!! Does not dry the skin..leaves it soft…gives a good “squeaky clean” without the squeak~~Best facial bar EVER!!!

  4. tashafrye86 (verified owner)

    I have pretty sensitive skin and most traditional face washes irritate my face. I thought it would be nice to try a facial bar of soap instead. With lavender and tea tree, this soap smells amazing and is quite refreshing! I’ve really been enjoying it so far!

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