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A Persuasion ladies gift guide: 10 gifts for 10 ladies

What would you choose as gifts for your Persuasion gal pals? See what Northanger Soapworks chose for them! #janeausten

I am going shopping for all the women in Persuasion.

After all, these women are in my thoughts constantly for inspiration and laughs (and without so much as a by-your-leave!!) so they deserve nothing less than a thoughtful gift in return.

To the ladies of Persuasion–these gifts are for you!

  1. To Mrs. Mary Musgrove (nÊe Elliot), I would give a bar of The Waters of Bath. The eucalyptus and tea tree herbal refresh will perk her right up. She’ll be volunteering to go on long walks in no time!
  2. Anne Elliot must be given her namesake soap, naturally.
  3. Mrs. Clay is mad for lotion (you remember the Gowland’s lotion that carried away her freckles?). She would adore the lavender water scent of Barton Cottage body lotion. I’m very torn between giving her that or Face in the Fire facial bar to soothe any damage done by the horrid Gowland’s!
  4. Elizabeth Elliot needs to relax in a major way. Raspberry vanilla bath salts for her!
  5. Mrs. Musgrove of Uppercross must have something lavish–the Pemberley in Pink gift set đŸ’Ÿ for a warm-hearted woman.
  6. Mrs. Croft. Oh…you are my favorite so I’ll give you my current favorite bar, Lovers’ Vows.
  7. Lady Russell deserves my most regal soap, The Chimneypiece.
  8. Henrietta Musgrove goes on a long walk to get her man. She should have A Proper Wedding (without the irony, of course!)
  9. Louisa Musgrove should have this four balm gift set so she looks kissable as she convalesces.
  10. Mrs. Smith should have beautiful things to make her home delightful to be in as she stays in most of the time. This Pemberley in Pink candle and a lavender Pemberley’s Closet beeswax sachet will be just the thing.

Do you agree with my selections? What would you choose instead? Tell me your suggestions in the comments 💕📝.