Splendid Nonsense

“Effusions of fancy by a very young girl in a style entirely new.” ~Jane Austen’s father, remarking upon her short stories.

The following blog posts are my own effusions of fancy and are full of whimsey as I let my bonnet fly high.

What would you choose as gifts for your Persuasion gal pals? See what Northanger Soapworks chose for them! #janeausten

A Persuasion ladies gift guide: 10 gifts for 10 ladies

I am going shopping for all the women in Persuasion. After all, these women are in my thoughts constantly for ...
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Would you dare enter Northanger Abbey after nightfall? Read this choose your own adventure and discover your fate. Let Jane Austen guide you!

Northanger by Night: a Northanger Abbey choose your own adventure story

Fast forward five years after Northanger Abbey ends. General Tilney is now dead and Captain Tilney has inherited the Abbey ...
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Who smells the worst in Jane Austen? This humorous analysis may surprise you!

Hold Your Breath, It’s Jane Austen

What did it smell like at the Netherfield Ball? Would our modern noses be horrified if we took one step ...
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Share your Jane Austen origin story! How did you discover Jane Austen?

What are your Jane Austen origins?

For me, it was a 10 year old friend from school. After the first invitation to watch Northanger Abbey at ...
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White Linen bar soap is what every girl needs--an reminder of the scene in Pride and Prejudice where a dripping Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley. Smells just like a clean white shirt! The perfect Jane Austen gift for a Lady.

Mr. Darcy Goes Swimming

You might say Pride and Prejudice influenced my upbringing, as I saw the 1995 film (starring Colin Firth as Mr ...
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Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility 2008 and Scoundrel Bar soap, by Northanger Soapworks

Willoughby the Scoundrel

Come springtime in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, you'll find the Dashwoods staying at Cleveland, the Palmers's home. I made ...
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A Pride and Prejudice alignment chart, Dungeons and Dragons style! This is how I spent my youth--playing dungeons and dragons style games and watching Pride and Prejudice every weekend. Visit the article for the reasons and explanations:) #janeausten

Pride and Prejudice: Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

When two worlds collide, great things can occur. (Or, the worlds explode and everyone dies.) Thankfully, this time it is ...
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Netherfield Ball: a pride and prejudice choose your own adventure story

Netherfield Ball: a pride and prejudice choose your own adventure story

The date is November 26th, 1812. You happen to visit the Lucases, your cousins, the day of the Netherfield Ball ...
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A Mary B book review, a novel by Katherine J. Chen, with Mary Bennet bar soap. Both are inspired by Mary Bennet, and each has its own story. By a Lady Soapmaker

A Modern Day Mary Bennet, twice inspired: a Mary B book review

Oh Mary. How often have we ignored you for Elizabeth, cringed at your dresses, or even laughed? Lets face it ...
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This Jane Austen Gift Guide covers all your bases for handmade or unique gifts for the Jane Austen lover. Enjoy shopping this year and we hope this guide helps!

Jane Austen Gift Guide: Christmas 2018. Eleven+ things you need!

You need the perfect Christmas gift for the Jane Austen lover in your life, but where to start? One of ...
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