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Wooden gift boxes add another layer of elegance for your Jane Austen themed gift. This slide top wood box is our largest box and comes tied with a lovely green ribbon and includes our signature wax sealed letter and a handwritten gift note written on our custom cards (optional). Items within are wrapped in tissue paper.

This high quality wooden box is manufactured locally in Wisconsin.

This slide-top box is what you need for our larger items to fit. Things like bath salts, liquid soap, mist, and candles will fit and allow for a true variety gift box where you can have one of each thing.

There are multiple configurations that will fit in this box. Here is a list of several options, and some ideas have been included in the gallery images for this item. Keep in mind that our small bath salts and candles are housed in the same size jar and are interchangeable space-wise.

  1. candle, small bath salts, bar soap, and lip balm
  2. liquid soap (8oz), scented wax tablet, soap, and lip balm
  3. small bath salts, two bars of soap, scented wax tablet, and lip balm
  4. mist, small bath salts, bar soap, and lip balm
  5. mist, liquid soap (8oz), and lip balm
  6. large bath salts, bar soap, and lip balm

The box will be filled per your specifications.

To add items to the box:

  1. Fill in gift slots by clicking the “change” link and you’ll be presented with a list of items to choose from.
  2. Choose the item you want from the drop down menu.
  3. Scroll down and click “review configuration”
  4. Repeat for any/all gift slots you wish to fill.
  5. Add to cart.
  6. At checkout, include your gift message and it will be handwritten for you.

Shopping for a smaller gift box? Take a look at our Bookish gift box. It has a modest capacity but is just darling and shaped like a book! Also our Soap Gift Box is medium capacity and perfect for sending several types of bar soap.

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