Tilney’s Muslin Cloths / set of two

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Do you understand muslins, sir?

Mr. Tilney does understand muslin and is an excellent judge.  These muslin cloths are quilted and lovely with a multi-layered weave and finished edge. Exceptional quality and a true Indian muslin!

Perfect to use on your body or face for washing, drying, or removing cleanser. Comes bundled in a set of two.

(Single cloths can be purchased here.)

Each cloth is a 12 inch square and made from organic unbleached cotton. Handwoven by a women’s cooperative in India. Machine washable.

“Do you understand muslins, sir?”

“Particularly well; I always buy my own cravats, and am allowed to be an excellent judge; and my sister has often trusted me in the choice of a gown. I bought one for her the other day, and it was pronounced to be a prodigious bargain by every lady who saw it. I gave but five shillings a yard for it, and a true Indian muslin.”

~ Northanger Abbey, Mrs. Allen and Mr. Tilney in conversation

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1 review for Tilney’s Muslin Cloths / set of two

  1. Emily B (verified owner)

    Really nice quality and hold up well in the wash – my new favorite cloths for gentle exfoliation. I don’t not pretend that I am bathing at Woodston Parsonage while using these.

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