Haunted Abbey bath bomb

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There is nothing spookier in Jane Austen than Catherine’s first night at Northanger Abbey. Our Haunted Abbey bath bomb celebrates the horror of that night and the wild tales spinning through Catherine’s head. For, as Mr. Tilney himself said, “the part of the abbey you inhabit is undoubtedly haunted.”

When this green speckled bomb hits the water, you’re in for a haunting surprise as it will turn your water black! Available in two scents.

This bath bomb will not stain your tub or your skin. Watch a fizzing demo here.

“A lamp could not have expired with more awful effect. Catherine, for a few moments, was motionless with horror. It was done completely; not a remnant of light in the wick could give hope to the rekindling breath. Darkness impenetrable and immovable filled the room.” ~Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen

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Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, water, apricot kernel oil, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSa), fragrance, Blue No.1, Red No.40, Yellow No.5.

4 oz minimum weight

4 reviews for Haunted Abbey bath bomb

  1. SueAnn Beer (verified owner)

    This is so cool!! The water turns black..but when you are in it…it does not affect your skin!!! and the SCENT! I am a lover of anything with anise in it.. I think I bought the store out! I hope this returns next year…a little campy..but fun! My skin was super soft…after bathing…I noticed that as I was drying off….

  2. SueAnn Beer (verified owner)

    I also bought the raspberry scent…either one..the scent lingered after the bath…and ths soft skin did too!!

  3. Alisa (verified owner)

    These I got these Haunted Abbey Bath bombs in both scents. They turned out to be my favorite product from Northanger Soapworks. The scent was so evocative and I loved how the water turned black. My skin was left soft and fragrant but not overpowering. It was perfect for Halloween, fall and the season. I wish she had these all year round and plan to buy up a lot next time they go on sale. I’m saving my last one for New Year’s Eve! I have a fiberglass tub and a white cotton shower curtain. There was no trace of a stain or any black droplets left after I drained the tub. There’s no reason to be cautious about purchasing this from a concern about staining. Please stock these again soon! These scents were too beautiful to wait a whole year for!

  4. SueAnn Beer (verified owner)

    I love these, bought as many as I could before they were out of season…Coolest thing..to see the water tun black, but not your tub, or skin..and SOFT……I float in this…the softness is heavenly, and the scent!! I got both scents- the vanilla anis…yumyumyum!! and the black raspberry vanilla…..Both are winners for me.

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