Grooved Maple Wood Soap Dish


Have you ever been frustrated to find your beautiful bar of handmade soap sitting in a puddle of water? The glycerin content of handmade soap is SO good for your skin as it draws in moisture, but it also makes the bar itself more susceptible to absorbing water from the dish it is stored in. A draining soap dish is the answer!

This grooved maple wood soap dish is the simple yet beautiful solution to keeping your soap dry. The bar will sit on top of the grooves and the water will fall away and eventually drain out the sides if water is abundant, or when you tip it into the sink. The dish is sturdy and heavy enough to stay put when you pick up your soap as well.

Made locally using Wisconsin maple hardwood. Dimensions are 3.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches approximately. No two dishes will look the same due to the natural color variation in the wood.

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