Gardener’s Salve / Mr. Collins inspired!


Gardener’s Salve, housed in a reusable screw top metal tin. Excellent for sore and thorn-pricked hands after working in the garden, or for general use in dry skin areas and cuticles. Scented with divine lemongrass, with a hint of chocolate. It is a soft and easily spread salve, and should be kept in a cool place to lengthen shelf life. Lip safe. 2 oz.

Inspired by:

“Mr. Collins invited them to take a stroll in the garden, which was large and well laid out, and to the cultivation of which he attended himself. To work in this garden was one of his most respectable pleasures; and Elizabeth admired the command of countenance with which Charlotte talked of the healthfulness of the exercise, and owned she encouraged it as much as possible.” 

A small amount goes a long way here. As it is primarily oil based, it may be greasy on your hands for a few minutes as it absorbs if more than a small amount is used.

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Gardener’s Salve is made with calendula infused apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin e, and lemongrass essential oil.

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