Bowl of Punch bubble bath salts

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“And you shall all have a bowl of punch to make merry.”  ~Mrs. Bennet.

During celebrations, punch is a reward for only the luckiest in the Bennet household. And not only a cup, but an entire bowl of it!

These innocent-looking pink bubble bath salts will turn your tub into a bright bowl of foaming punch, courtesy of Mrs. Bennet of course! A delicious fruit punch, with cranberry especially prevalent as it is for festive holiday celebrations!

Instructions: Add one-quarter cup to your bathwater under the faucet as it fills. The agitation will produce lovely bubbles! Bubble bath salts contain mineral rich dead sea salts + bubble bath in one! The best of both worlds:)

Comes in a glass jar, approximately 3/4 cup volume. Keep lid screwed on tight, as dead sea salt is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air. The salts will not stain your tub or your skin as the dye is water soluble. Watch a demo here.

“My dear Hill, have you heard the good news? Miss Lydia is going to be married; and you shall all have a bowl of punch to make merry at her wedding.” ~Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

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Dead sea salt, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSa), fragrance, Red No.40.

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2 reviews for Bowl of Punch bubble bath salts

  1. Alisa Starke (verified owner)

    I thought Haunted Abbey bath salts would be hard to beat, but the Bowl of Punch bubbling bath salts are just as good. I pour 1/4 cup right under the faucet to get the most bubbles and the scent is heavenly. It doesn’t smell like punch, per se, but it’s a very pretty lightly fruity scent. It turns the water to the color of punch and the foam from the bubbles makes it look truly drinkable (but please don’t drink it). I bought my 3rd jar of it before the Christmas deadline., I will enjoy it all winter. I hope Laura keeps us in bath salts for the cold winter ahead. I see that Bowl of Punch has sold out already. I miss the Pemberley bath salts too. I’ve tried all of her bath salts and all have been outstanding. I highly recommend them!

  2. Kalee (verified owner)

    I take baths next to never but found myself yearning to try the Bowl of Punch bath salts. Despite the name I was surprised by the punchy, cranberry scent! I suspected my skin would have a red tint after emerging from the water, but it did not—the bath salts are just as clean and enjoyable as any of the shop’s candles or soaps.

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