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Jane Austen Gift Guide: Christmas 2018. Eleven+ things you need!

This Jane Austen Gift Guide covers all your bases for handmade or unique gifts for the Jane Austen lover. Enjoy shopping this year and we hope this guide helps!

You need the perfect Christmas gift for the Jane Austen lover in your life, but where to start? One of the privileges of being a Jane Austen soapmaker is meeting other Jane Austen makers who have an array of lovely and unique products. I’ve compiled a curated list of unique items that I’ve found and delighted in. If what I’ve linked to is sold out, most of these shops have an abundance of other Jane Austen and literary inspired items sure to soothe the soul.

The list totals eleven items (and a couple extras I snuck in), but I could have gone on with more! I hope you enjoy perusing them! All are unique and most handmade.

  1. Lively Lines Poster. A delightful poster full of words from Jane Austen’s novels and letters. Available from Uncommon Goods.
    Lively Lines by Jane Austen from Uncommon Goods
  2. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy Worry doll set, available from House of Worry Dolls on Etsy. These can come as ornaments too! With so many literary inspired figures in this shop you are sure to find something.Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Worry dolls by houseofworrydolls on etsy
  3. Watercolor with Jane Austen quote, available from Lucy in the Sky on Etsy. Features a favorite quote of mine.Watercolor House with quote from Jane Austen, by ShopLucyinthesky on etsy
  4. This embroidered art featuring Sense and Sensibility is a one of of kind piece from EttinMoor on Etsy. She has several other embroidered pieces inspired by Jane Austen in her shop.Embroidered Sense and Sensibility Frame, by EttinMoor on etsy
  5. Mary Musgrove’s Restorative bar soap. A wintery herbal soap inspired from Persuasion, by Northanger Soapworks. (that’s me!) So many other Jane Austen inspired bath products are in the shop too.Are you feeling terrrrribly ill? Mary Musgrove knows just how you feel. In lieu of Anne Elliot to cure us of our ailments, a breath of this in a hot shower will perk you right up! The perfect Jane Austen gift for a Lady.
  6. Pride and Prejudice map by Pemberley Pond on Etsy. Such a fun and whimsical item.Pride and Prejudice map, by Pemberley Pond on etsy
  7. Pride and Prejudice Literary Handbag, by Enjoy the Traffic on EtsyJane Austen handbag by EnjoyTheTraffic on etsy
  8. Longbourn Wedding Tea, by Bingley’s Teas. This company has so many Jane Austen concoctions, you’ll be kept very warm indeed!Longbourn Wedding tea by Bingley's Teas
  9. Elizabeth Bennet Bookmark, by Carrot Top Paper Shop on Etsy. So many lovely things in this shop I want them all!Elizabeth Bennet Bookmark by Carrot Top Paper Shop on etsy
  10. Regency Jockey Bonnet by Thomas Fortin Creative on Etsy. I have been so impressed with the quality workmanship and detail of these bonnets. Thomas Fortin Bonnet
  11. Mr. Darcy Art Print christmas ornament, by Antique Fashionista on Etsy. Such beautiful art prints.Mr. Darcy Christmas ornament, by Mashalaurence etsy shop


This gift guide isn’t book focused but I had to mention two new books that have come out this fall that I look forward to reading. The first is Rational Creatures, a new anthology with sixteen stories of Austen’s heroines. The second is Praying with Jane: 31 days through the prayers of Jane Austen. I’m so excited for them both!

Happy shopping to you all! I hope this guide has been helpful to those looking for just the right gift. If you are looking for more ideas, check out my Jane Austen gifts Pinterest board!

Yours ever,

Lady Laura


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen Gift Guide: Christmas 2018. Eleven+ things you need!

  1. I love this list! The ornaments are simply amazing, I love the cottage watercolor and the P&P map is genius! Looking forward to receiving my order of your delightful soaps!!!

  2. What a charming list! Thanks for compiling. Here’s something new to add: Have you heard of a new book called The Jane Austen Diet?? Vogue magazine just did a fun article about it. It looks super fun!

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