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Northanger by Night: a Northanger Abbey choose your own adventure story

Would you dare enter Northanger Abbey after nightfall? Read this choose your own adventure and discover your fate. Let Jane Austen guide you!

Fast forward five years after Northanger Abbey ends. General Tilney is now dead and Captain Tilney has inherited the Abbey. Why not have a little house party on Halloween night and invite a few friends? Will John Thorpe crash the party? Will there be ghosts, seduction, gothic daydreams, or even death? Read this short choose-your-own-adventure story and find out! Starring Catherine’s younger sister Sarah, a girl longing to be noticed and every bit as delighted with gothic romance as Catherine was.

There are five possible endings, brave reader. Which is your fate? Let Jane Austen be your guide. Click the image below to start the adventure, and come back afterward and let me know how you liked it!

Northanger by Night, a choose your own adventure story. Click here to start the adventure.

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This story was inspired in part by our Haunted Abbey bar soap!

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Netherfield Ball: a pride and prejudice choose your own adventure story

Netherfield Ball: a pride and prejudice choose your own adventure story

The date is November 26th, 1812.

You happen to visit the Lucases, your cousins, the day of the Netherfield Ball. You have the opportunity to attend–the chance of a lifetime! Will you take it?

Be brave, fair Lady. Let your Jane Austen instincts guide you through this perilous journey. You have a 66% chance of survival. 

Unfamiliar with Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) stories? They are written in second person where you are the hero and follow the narrative until a choice is given. You choose and follow the link to your fate, and often there are several forks in the road. In this short story, there are six possible endings, and two result in death.

I love CYOA, but have never written one before this. Indeed, I was uncertain how the logistics would work until I came across, which allows the composition of CYOA with relative ease. I hope you enjoy this adventure!

Let me know how you like it in the comments! I may write more if the mood strikes. Pin and share as much as you wish:) You can also review it on goodreads if you like!

Edited 11/26/2019: The mood did strike, I wrote more! Read other CYOA I have written here.