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new website and shop!

Ardently bar soap, Jane Austen soap

Things have been very busy around here! I have the personality where if I want to accomplish something, I throw myself into it. Luckily it tends to be just one thing at a time:) I’ve been very focused since the new year on developing my own website and shop and I’m so happy it is here! It has been challenging as I am new to most of the concepts related to developing a website, but I have learned so much in the last month especially.

After reviewing my options and doing several shop trials on various ecommerce platforms, I chose to go with self-hosted WordPress and Woocommerce. There are several things I really wanted to be able to do, but the functionality either wasn’t available, or wasn’t affordable anywhere else. So here I am!

I will still be selling on Etsy, it is a great marketplace. But I will be focusing on my website from now on and I hope you all like it! If you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them.

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